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Sarjanam Organic Manure

Fasal Ki Samruddhi ka Pratik

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About Us

One of Asia’s Most Advanced Bio gas Plant

We aim to provide sustainable energy for tomorrow from the efforts of today


We strive to give back to the nature

Sayaji Bio Energies is a young and blooming bio gas and fertilizer plant in Savli District of Vadodara, Gujarat. We claim to be one of the Asia’s Largest Bio gas plant as we have a capacity of 21000 Cubic Meter. This plant feeds on raw organic waste like cow dunks, food processing industry waste, etc. and Sarjanam organic fertiliser is a product of this revolutionary industry.

Why Sarjanam Manure?

Benefits of Sarjanam Organic Manure

You might wonder why to choose Sarjanam Organic Manure over others, well the reasons are quite solid and compelling. Have a look yourself!


Improves pH Level

A balanced pH level of the soil is number 1 factor to determine how fertile the soil is. Sarjanam Manure improves the pH balance of your soil.


Enrich Minerals in soil

Our bio fertilizer enrich the soil with nitrogen around 20-50 kg/hector and Phosphorus around 30-50 kg/hector.


Reduce side effects of chemical fertilizers

Bio fertilizer also reduces side effects caused by previous application of chemical fertilizer to a great extent.


Increase in crop yeild

By using our bio fertilizer you’ll surely see an increase of 15-30% increase based on various factors in crop yields.


Cost effective solution

Our bio fertilizer is cost much less than a chemical fertilizer and shows much higher results.


Ease of use

Bio fertilizer is very easy to use and posses no threat to the farmer’s health, soil or the consumer’s health. It’s a win-win for all.


Dosage Instructions

Our manure is scientifically developed from cow dunk and is a Natural Carbonic Fertilizer, made with Microbial Decompostion Technology. Depending on the duration of crop, dosage is catergorized into 3 terms:

400-800 Grams/Acre

Vegetables and Grass for Cattle

20-30 days after sowing

400-800 Grams/Acre

Wheet, Paddy (Rice), Corn, Cotton

While Preparing the soil for sowing

800-1600 Grams/Acre

Sugercane, Potato

Half during preparation of soil for sowing and half after 2-3 months from sowing

5-10 Grams/Plant

Mango, Lemon, Guava, Grapes, Apple and other fruit plants.

2 Times a year near each plant

Know the Nutritional Values

What’s inside Sarjanam Organic Manure

Sarjanam Organic Manure is scientifically tested in lab for quality and contents. Here are some amazing quality paramerters we have managed to achive!

Moisture Percentage by Weight(Maximum)
Total Organic Carbon Percentage by Weight(Minimum)
Total Nitrogen (as N) + Phosphate (as P2O5) + Potash (as K2O) Percentage by Weight (Minimum), All almost equally distributed.

What Farmers Have To Say About Us?

My trust in organic fertilizer is restored after using Sarjanam Organic Fertilizr. Other organic fertilizer in the market are selling just dust in the name of organic but sarjanam is pure 100% fertilizer.

Kanu Panchal | Jan 20, 2023

My soil is much more fertile than it used to be. Sarjanam has exceeded my expectation and performed exceptionally well.

Ramesh Patil | Jan 16, 2023

Sarjanam has worked like a magic for my farm! Not only the yeild has increased 3 fold but also i am getting heigher price for my crop as it’s 100% organic!

Gopal Patel | Mar 08, 2023